You deserve the best you

The Optimex score is a holistic reflection of how well you are achieving your own personalised optimal lifestyle for wellbeing. The Optimex score is an aggregation of the elements of your life that contribute to your optimal wellbeing. It connects with passive data from your wearable, a wide array of your mobile wellbeing apps including apps for meditation, nutrition, fitness, sleep and lifestyle passive data and also active data that the user and coach can input for a holistic reflection of your wellbeing.

Insights that are Actionable

Fast accurate insights from evidence based algorithms and trained expert coaches, about you, from your data to the purpose of reaching your wellbeing and life goals to live with more vitality.


Effortlessly and passively aggregate data from all workouts; running, cycling, cross fit, HIT, weights. calories burned, distance run regardless of wearable or fitness app used. Everything in one place.

Data source:
Automatically via fitness apps on garmin, fitbit, hauwei, strava, Fiit, Freeletics and other fitness apps that save to googlefit, apple health or samsung health or via user inputted fitness tasks.


Aggregate and organise your nutrition data from Fitbit, Myfitnesspal or most other popular food tracking apps to ensure your keeping to your nutrition and calorie balance goal in reference to the bigger picture. Health and wellbeing.

Data source:
Myfitnesspal, Fitbit and other nutrition apps on Googlefit or Apple health.


Advanced sleep tracking personalised insights, evidence based suggestions and prompting. Optimus health sleep expert have designed algorithms to review your circadian rhythm, REM, Light and deep sleep and give you personalised feedback to improve for your wellbeing.

Data source:
Any wearable sleep tracker (apple, garmin, fitbit, googlefit) with sleep metrics including REM, Deep and light sleep durations.

Good health

With our endocrine clinician-lead laboratory blood testing facilities check your thyroid, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, red blood cells, testosterone and other common causes of low energy fatigue and reduced wellbeing.

Data source:
Home blood testing kit sent to you from our secure approved Laboratory.


Meaningfully aggregate and track your mindfulness, meditation or any activity that is important for you to maintain psychological and mental wellbeing ( which could be taking your dog for a walk, visiting your parents or charity work.)

Data source:
Automatically via auto-integration with the best meditation and mindfulness apps including Headspace and Calm or user inputted custom mindfulness tasks.