Health Portal

Health is a 1 of the 5 fundamental pillars for holistic wellbeing
That’s why Optimus Health have an expert clinician operated health portal helping you to ensure your health is optimised.
The Optimus Health, health portal focuses on 3 key elements of health, where necessary for the clients

  • 1. Home blood tests (finger-prick or nurse visit).
  • 2. Blood pressure monitoring.
  • 3. Body mass index, body composition and body measurements.

Health Portal

Health Portal focus and Capabilities
  • Blood tests.
  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • BMI and body measurements.
Blood tests:
In partnership with Healthy Human Labs Ltd
  • Optimus Health offers blood tests that focus on common and important biomarkers that have a direct effect on wellbeing and the way you feel specifically your mood, energy, vitality, strength, concentration and focus. See our full lists of available tests by click Here
  • Finger prick testing kits can be sent to your house or a nurse home visit can be easily arranged to make the process as easy, simple and quick as possible.
  • Our blood testing service is managed by expert consultant medical doctors for quality, accuracy, safety and professionalism.
  • Fast turnaround and processing on testing, analysis, results and follow up.
An easy step by step process:
  • Optional pre-blood test doctor-consultation.
  • Buy blood test.
  • Nurse visit/Finger prick blood test.
  • Login to the secure health portal online and receive your blood test results.
  • Post blood test doctor review and written report with guidance.
(If any serious abnormalities present themselves we will advise you to consult your GP or hospital doctor immediately)
Our 3 promises to you
1. We only work with certified, top quality laboratories

Each partner lab we operate with is accredited by UKAS, the UK's national body responsible for determining technical competence and integrity.

You get the highest accuracy with rapid results.
2. We communicate results clearly & sensitively

We strive to simplify terminology & give appropriate guidance and assurance. We enable you to manage your health directly and know when to seek further help.

Your health can be easily tracked.
3. We look after your data

We recognise the sensitivity of your health data and take strict measures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and security at all times. Of course we comply with GDPR and applicable laws as per our Privacy Policy. This should link to our private policy page.

You can remove your data at any time.
Blood pressure monitoring

Optimus Health have a digital tool to help you track and record your blood pressure.

Body measurements and BMI

Optimus Health have a digital tool to help you track and record your body measurements and BMI.